In March 2020, with guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and the Oklahoma State Department of Health we closed our facility to visitation due to the world-wide COVID-19 pandemic. Two months later, we implemented Compassionate Care and Designated Caregiver visitations allowing our residents to be some of the only residents in the state of Oklahoma to receive visitors. 

By following strict guidelines and performing a profuse amount of staff training, we are proud to say that our community, now 15 months later, has not seen single case of COVID among our residents and very few staff members contracted this virus. 

We were blessed to be part of the first round of vaccinations in the state and our resident population is currently 100% vaccinated. 


COVID Visitation

As of today, July 5th, 2021, our visitors are allowed open visitation. You can visit your loved one, family or friend anytime between the hours of 8 am to 9 pm. We ask that you make sure to call the resident and let them know you are coming and when. 

For the continued safety of our staff and residents, you will be required to comply with the following COVID restrictions: 

  1. You MUST wear a face-mask for your entire visit. Please do not take it off until you exit the building. 
  2. You MUST check-in when you enter the building. There is a table set up just inside the front door where you can perform a mini health screening, take your temperature and make sure to document it.  
  3. You must limit your visit to the resident's apartment. We cannot allow guests to visit in the dining room or other sitting areas at this time. 
  4. Limit group visits to 5 people at any given time.
  5. Maintain social distancing with residents and other staff while you are in the building.

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